Citric Acid Dangers

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Citric acid is common most source of ascorbic acid, the Vitamin C. this vitamin is known to improve the immunity and fight against day to day infections such as common cold. Health conscious people take Vitamin C supplements or consume citrus fruit to supply required amounts of Vitamin C. Nevertheless, if this is taken in higher quantity, it may bring side effects…

Citric Acid Dangers

Citric Acid Dangers

The dangers of citric acid

If used in limit and timely, citric acid helps in improving the overall health condition. It is the best dietary supplement to keep the body immunity up to par. Too much citric acid in the body produces several ailments. For instance, an excess amount of citric acid may lead to loss of enamel in the teeth and hence the tooth becomes weaker. There could be ulcer in stomach, mouth, throat and esophagus. Because of citric acid, there might be delay in healing ulcers.

The stomach is incapable handing excess amounts of citric acid and hence it passes onto the kidneys where breakdown of citric acid becomes difficult. This leads to kidney malfunctioning.

Reason for the danger

Acid is dangerous by nature and just like gastric acid, citric acid too destroys everything that comes in between. It constantly irritates the wall of stomach, esophagus and rest of the gut. There could be vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

The ideal uses of citric acid

The citrus fruits are not the only source of citric acid. You can get them from other sources too. On the other hand, they are used in cleaning solutions and preservation of the foods too. In fact, this is an ideal cleanser because of acid in it. It serves as natural antiseptic and anti fungi. If comes in contact with human skin, it produces irritation, redness and swelling.

When to consider citric acid?

You will have to read the labels of nutritional products to learn about the quantity of citric acid. Foods such as candies and sodas, citric acid will be used to preserve and add the taste to these edibles. You can see them on candies as covering (white covering) which is a bitter tasting citric acid powder.

Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, Indian gooseberries, tangerines etc. contain good amounts of citric acid. Also grapefruit, tomatoes, berries has it. Citric acid is also found in shampoos and other cosmetic products for better skin.

Adverse signs and symptoms

The side effects of citric acid come in many forms. If consumed too much citric acid, it may create sore throat. If the skin is exposed to excess citric acid, it may have rashes and redness. In some cases, allergic reactions may develop.

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